Creating sustainable agricultural supply chains by connecting rural farmers to urban markets.

We are revolutionizing agriculture in sub-saharan Africa, starting in Malawi

The Problem

Urban buyers are not connected to rural farmers. Traders act as middle-men between urban buyers and rural farmers. Rural farmers are not aware of market demand from urban markets.

The result: urban buyers have variable quantity and quality of supply. Middle-men struggle to negotiate contracts, a system which results in increased margins. Farmers do not have information on how to plan for market demand.

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The Solution

Seedlink connects agricultural markets. First, contracts are sourced from urban buyers. Second, a market analysis is performed to understand agricultural supply. Third, Seedlink uses a mobil platform to reappropriate middle-men to act as agents which gather rural farmer supply and fulfil urban buyer demand.

Where We Work

Seedlink is starting in Malawi, an agricultural economy where there is currently over £400 million in market opportunity and 27 million tons of food wasted each year.

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Next Steps

Seedlink ran a successful pilot of our business concept in Malawi last November. During the next harvest season in April, Seedlink will be bringing this idea to scale in the soybean market primarily in Mangochi and Mulange. We have partnered with large farmers cooperations including NASFAM with over 160,000 farmers and large buyers which purchase over 100,000 tons of crop annually. We are currently working in London to seek funding for this project and will return to Malawi in late March.

Competitive Advantage

Most NGO's and companies working with small-scale farmers focus on improving the production of crops. However, there are not many working towards solving market problems faced by the farmers. Seedlink is one of the few aiming to make supply chains more efficient. We streamline the entire process, working with all stakeholders along the way offering transparency right down the value chain and unlocking the potential of millions of smallholder farmers. We offer a better way for buyers to trace their produce and manage supply by offering unique insights into their suppliers.

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